Share Before You're Ready

Share Before You're Ready

"As I embark on the exciting journey of building Crookies and Company from the ground up, my mission is to encourage others to sprinkle a bit of joy into the world. I've taken the plunge into the blogging world with my first post, combining my favorite ingredients: humor, original art, ridiculously bad puns, and a dash of the unexpected, all aimed at making a positive impact.

Whether Crookies and Company becomes a wild success, allowing me to bring my best friends on board for an even greater impact, or if it remains a cozy venture making less than $500 a year for the first five years (hello, hobbyist status according to the IRS), it's all perfect.

The future holds exciting plans, including monthly 'nom nom nominations' to showcase wonderful individuals in The Daily (ish) Sprinkle. I'm also brewing up a delightful children's book all while being surrounded by positive and awesome people who inspire me daily.

Remember, passion creates purpose, and when passion creates purpose, magical things happen. Let's embark on this magical cookie ride together.

The philosophy of 'share before you're ready' resonates strongly, drawing inspiration from Max Yoder's book, 'Do Better Work.' If you haven't read it yet, I highly recommend it.  

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