The mish: share your sprinkles (your gifts) and inspire others to share theirs.

While tuning into an episode of Cookie TV in the early hours of January 1, 2023, the idea for Crookies and Company came out of the oven and landed on the cooling rack. More than just a lifestyle brand, sharing your sprinkles is a way of life, offering a glimpse into a world where the recipe to be the coolest person you know is to share the warmth, creativity, passion, and love you have inside; however you know best, this is what we call sharing your sprinkles.

We have a choice every day: to share our unique sprinkles, or sadly, we can be a crookie—only taking sprinkles from others and withholding the beautiful parts of our souls meant to be shared. It takes courage to give our gifts to the world and fight for and with kindness. If you never choose to share your gifts, you'll spend life behind jars as a crookie, and no one wants that!"

We vote a huge heck ya to living a more exciting and courageous life and sharing your sprinkles. So pull out that roadmap and meet us in Sprinkle City.

Whether it's complimenting your barista on their fresh hairstyle as they whip up some magical bean juice, reaching for that elusive box of sprinkle cookie mix on the top shelf for someone gliding through the grocery aisles on a scooter, or maybe it looks a lot like a pen, paper, and a postage stamp—to let someone know you're thinking of them—the magic of life lies in those everyday actions.

Wouldn't it be radical to get more fired up about those little moments, encouraging friends and strangers alike?

These shared moments are meaningful and have the power to be daymakers; we can be the wow of someone's day! It's happened to me, and I bet you've felt it, too. Everyone has a distinctive way to spread love, and the time is now. When it comes to sprinkles, more is more, and in a world where kindness is needed, humankind could undoubtedly use a heaping scoop.

Let's embrace the art of sharing and celebrate that everyone, everywhere, could use a sprinkle here and there.